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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Nashville Vehicle Inspection Program (Nashville VIP)

When do I get my car tested?
Where do I take my car to have it tested?
How much will the test cost?
When is the best time to have my vehicle inspected?
Where should I get my vehicle repaired?
What about new cars, older cars or non-factory specification vehicles?
Are new vehicles exempt?
Are old vehicles exempt?
What if my vehicle fails inspection?
What types of inspection may be performed on my vehicle?
What if my vehicle fails only part of the inspection?
If my vehicle fails, where do I start?
Where do I take my vehicle for repairs?
What about modified vehicles?
What about heavier vehicles?
Are diesel-powered vehicles inspected in this program?
What is OBD?
Which vehicles will be OBD-II tested?
What is the procedure for the OBD-II test?
How can my vehicle fail an OBD-II test?
My vehicle failed only for Monitor Readiness that read "not ready"
What should I do if my vehicle failed?
What should I do if my vehicle's "Check Engine" light is flashing on and off?
Any tips I should follow before I get my vehicle inspected?
Why a different test for 1975 - 2001 diesel vehicles?
Which diesel vehicles have to be tested?
Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County
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