Used Car Buyers Guide

Before purchasing any used car, spend a little time and money.

You may avoid significant problems and unnecessary expenses.

* Read the Federal Trade Commission’s used car buying guide at BUYING A USED CAR.

*The Federal Trade Commission’s Used Car Rule requires dealers to post a BUYERS GUIDE in every used car they offer for sale.  Carefully read and understand this Buyers Guide.  It tells you about important conditions of the sale you are considering.

* Read the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission’s TIPS FOR BUYING A CAR.  Keep a copy of this with you while you are car shopping.

* Inspect the car in daylight and good weather. Bring someone you trust along to help you make a thorough appraisal.

* Don’t expect perfection in a used car.  Compromise on minor problems you can fix yourself, but don’t overlook serious defects.

* Make safety a major priority.  Older vehicles may not be equipped with airbags, child safety seats, seat belts, anti-lock brakes or security systems.

* Road test before you commit to buy.  If you are not allowed to test drive the car, do not buy it!

* Have a trusted mechanic thoroughly inspect the car before you purchase it.

* Have an emission inspection performed by your mechanic or at one of the Davidson County testing stations.

* Get the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the car and check the National Insurance Crime Bureau (VinCheck) to see if it has been reported as stolen or significantly damaged by a wreck or flooding.

* Consider purchasing a car history report such as CARFAX® to learn as much as you can about the vehicle you are considering.

* Make sure you have written documentation regarding any warranties or promises made by the dealer.  Remember, the purchase of a vehicle without a warranty is sold ‘As-Is’ meaning you will be responsible for all repairs the moment the contract is signed.

* If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, and you have not been able to reach a satisfactory resolution with your car dealer, you may FILE A COMPLAINT with the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Division.


Davidson County requires emission inspections on 1975 and newer light duty gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. Cars and light trucks weighing 10,500 lbs. or less gross vehicle weight rate (GVWR) registered in Davidson County require an annual emission inspection.


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